Originally posted on my marketing blog for school. What you’re about to read is basically me pouring my heart out… to a television show. Such is my life. Hope you like it!

Mad Men is arguably my favourite show on air right now. It’s quality television at its finest; populated with chain-smoking, alcohol-guzzling yet fleshed out and flawed characters, each episode is impeccably penned, designed so that the different storylines eventually converge into the one theme that encapsulates them all. Authenticity too takes a front seat: the series is known for its extreme attention to detail. The herculean efforts placed into historical research, set design, props and costumes (and that’s only the tip of the iceberg) are nothing short of amazing–and with such beautiful results. Even the minute and seemingly mundane details are taken into account, such as the authentic Highlights children magazine that was only casually flipped through. The fact that this show is so closely tied to marketing is just a bonus. For these very reasons, I thirstily crawl back to the well every week with antsy anticipation. Read the rest of this entry »