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Burning Blue.

I initially entertained the idea of conventional blog names–Bianca Writes, Bianca Blogs, Being Bianca–but all struck me as contrived yet bland, leaving a stale aftertaste in my mouth. I craved something idiosyncratic and inspired, meaningful without cliché. So I wracked the recesses of my brain in hope of something, anything adequate. Long story short, I was rescued from a hopeless brainstorm by the sought-after “Eureka!” moment. With it was a single bright idea in tow: High Flight.

I first encountered the poignant poem in high school and it became a fast favourite; the phrase “burning blue” in particular has always stood out to me for its vivid imagery. The sonnet is a hopeful one, its tone reflecting my current state of mind flawlessly. My pursuit to do “a hundred things / You have not dreamed of” is evidently impractical, yet my rejuvenated attitude provided personal credence to the hyperbole. Imbued with this newfound conviction, I brush aside my qualms. After all, the sky’s the limit.


Every blog initiation calls for an introduction post–a christening of sorts. This is my measly attempt.

To me, this blog is uncharted waters. Before I continue, you may find it interesting to note that I am not a newcomer to the world of blogging; in fact, I have been doing it for nearly six years! I first got my start as a prepubescent scribe on LiveJournal. Privy to only an exclusive readership comprised of my closest and oldest friends, my online journal was a substantial, albeit discreet, part of my life. So then why is this unexplored territory? What compelled me to open up shop at WordPress? Truth be told, I am a very private person by nature. However, despite being a low-key and routine individual, I have been making a point to try new things, to open myself up to new experiences. It wasn’t until quite recently that I felt the need–and I daresay desire–to publicise my writings and broadcast my thoughts. Through this creative outlet, I intend to extend beyond my comfort zone–a relentless work in progress. I have but one life to live, so ultimately the appropriate question to myself wasn’t “why”, but “why not?”

I must thank my good friend and writer extraordinaire Mei Chi for letting me rip her off, whom I admire ardently. She gave me the extra push I needed, and without her persistence and persuasion I would have remained a hermit of a blogger!
Through this outlet I intend to extend beyond my comfort zone.