Burning Blue.

I initially entertained the idea of conventional blog names–Bianca Writes, Bianca Blogs, Being Bianca–but all struck me as contrived yet bland, leaving a stale aftertaste in my mouth. I craved something idiosyncratic and inspired, meaningful without cliché. So I wracked the recesses of my brain in hope of something, anything adequate. Long story short, I was rescued from a hopeless brainstorm by the sought-after “Eureka!” moment. With it was a single bright idea in tow: High Flight.

I first encountered the poignant poem in high school and it became a fast favourite; the phrase “burning blue” in particular has always stood out to me for its vivid imagery. The sonnet is a hopeful one, its tone reflecting my current state of mind flawlessly. My pursuit to do “a hundred things / You have not dreamed of” is evidently impractical, yet my rejuvenated attitude provided personal credence to the hyperbole. Imbued with this newfound conviction, I brush aside my qualms. After all, the sky’s the limit.