Every blog initiation calls for an introduction post–a christening of sorts. This is my measly attempt.

To me, this blog is uncharted waters. Before I continue, you may find it interesting to note that I am not a newcomer to the world of blogging; in fact, I have been doing it for nearly six years! I first got my start as a prepubescent scribe on LiveJournal. Privy to only an exclusive readership comprised of my closest and oldest friends, my online journal was a substantial, albeit discreet, part of my life. So then why is this unexplored territory? What compelled me to open up shop at WordPress? Truth be told, I am a very private person by nature. However, despite being a low-key and routine individual, I have been making a point to try new things, to open myself up to new experiences. It wasn’t until quite recently that I felt the need–and I daresay desire–to publicise my writings and broadcast my thoughts. Through this creative outlet, I intend to extend beyond my comfort zone–a relentless work in progress. I have but one life to live, so ultimately the appropriate question to myself wasn’t “why”, but “why not?”

I must thank my good friend and writer extraordinaire Mei Chi for letting me rip her off, whom I admire ardently. She gave me the extra push I needed, and without her persistence and persuasion I would have remained a hermit of a blogger!
Through this outlet I intend to extend beyond my comfort zone.